Liberation de Paris – Badet Clément


Created in 1995 by Catherine and Laurent Delaunay, two Burgundian winemakers trained in New World wines who descend from a long line of wine producers and negociants, Badet Clément & Co. is specialized in the production and marketing of French brand wines that are geared to the demand of international markets. Badet Clément & Co. deals primarily with wines from three of France’s major wine producing regions: Languedoc-Roussillon, Burgundy and the Rhone Valley.


Libération de Paris :



In August 1944, a convoy of US soldiers liberated the small village of la Vicomté-Sur-Rance in Brittany. The first jeep stopped to pick up a seven year old boy who was greatly impacted by the war. The US soldier gave him a piece of gum and chocolate. The boy’s eyes lit up and he smiled. From that moment, an eternal gratitute for the United States of America was born. That boy is my father, Joel Bonneté.

Since I moved to the USA, I have always wanted to create a wine that would represent the gratitute our family, the French people and France have for the USA. These wines come from our terroirs of France and are made with our caring savoir-faire. Santé! Cheers! 

Jean-Francois Bonneté Co-owner